Teacher of English

My name is Salma, I’m British. I have taught in many places in the UK, Turkey, and Libya. I have taught all ages and different levels. I even did home torturing. I also speak Arabic.

I have designed lesson plans using many teaching methodologies and principles to match the students’ levels and experiences

Students learn how to answer grammar questions with help.

Students become active learners rather than passive receivers; they become more confident and engaged using a variety of conversational practice.

My learners are able to use their own thoughts and ideas with others effectively. I use colors and charts when teaching, students are able to use their imagination better and remember vocabulary easily. I assess my students’ learning outcomes throughout the courses and respond according to their needs.


Говорит наанглийском, арабском
Опытначиная с 2005
СтранаВеликобритания / Турция
Интересыпутешествия, чтение, спорт

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