My slogan: You can do everything you set your mind to! A teacher should see the process of learning English through the students’ view of the world. I know exactly what is going on when an EFL student tries to learn English as a foreign language

I am Esmaiel from Iran. I have B.A. in Teaching English and M.A. in Linguistics . I am a TEFL (4 Online TEFL certificates from
UK) certified teacher who has 8 years experience of teaching in government and private language schools as well as online English Schools.

I have taught for 6 online teaching companies worldwide so far. I have a relaxed and positive nature, I’m also a problem solver with good classroom management and I’m able to work well with teenagers and adults. I put a lot of focus on learning vocabulary and teaching grammar above memorization. I make students learn natural English rather than English from books only. I do my best and make my students speak as much as possible

Hope to see you in my class!!!


Преподаётанглийский, персидский
Говорит наанглийский, персидский
Опытначиная с 2009
СтранаИран / Соединённые Штаты
Интересыкино, футбол, путешествия, личностное развитие

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