Hi my name is Diane,

I was born in London, but I have lived in Barcelona for almost 20 years. When I first arrived here, I was a volunteer gardener in the Botanical Gardens. It was a great place to work and the views of the city from there are fantastic. In 2009 I qualified as an English Teacher and since them I have taught a wide range of levels, prepared students for exams and am currently running an English Book Club.

I have quite a few interests: I’m an avid knitter and a member of the Barcelona English Choir.   I’m not particularly sporty, but I am a keen swimmer and really enjoy hiking.

Through teaching I’ve been lucky to meet so many interesting people from all walks of life.  Seeing learners develop their English skills is very rewarding as a teacher.

I’m also a learner of languages and know how daunting it can be, but I think one of the most important things to remember is not to feel embarrassed or ashamed of making mistakes as it’s by making errors that we learn.

I look forward to being your LinguaLive teacher.



Говорит наанглийском, испанском, каталанском
Опытначиная с 2008
Интересыпутешествия, иностранные языки, чтение

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