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Hi everyone,

Welcome to LinguaLive! My name is Ayesha and I will be your English tutor. I am a PhD student at University of Glasgow, UK. I am studying and researching Applied Linguistics and TESOL. I can fluently speak three languages (English, Urdu and Punjabi) and understand another (Arabic). I have l visited six countries and lived in three so far.

I have taught English language in two countries in my teaching career spanning almost a decade. My teaching philosophy is very simple: Each student is unique and so are their needs. Some may be learning a language just for personal interest while others might want to master it to advance professionally. In the current times when English is the lingua franca of the world, I feel very lucky to be able to not only communicate through it but also help others to equip themselves with English language skills.

In my teaching career I have dealt with students of different needs and varying levels. I can tailor my teaching according to the students’ level. For example, I taught Master level students in Pakistan while absolute beginners in Saudi Arabia. In both contexts I adjusted myself to the level of understanding of my students. I also make constructive use of modern educational technology in my face-to-face teaching to facilitate my students’ learning. I have also taught Chinese and Japanese learners of English online.

Currently I am teaching Master students at University of Glasgow too as a Graduate Teaching Assistant as well as tutoring international students improve their conversational English.


Говорит наанглийском, урду, пенджаби
Опытначиная с 2006
СтранаПакистан, Великобритания
Интересыпутешествия, кулинария, кино, социальные сети

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